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User Friendly, Budget Friendly Solutions.

In warehouse management, the bottom line is the bottom line. And because efficiency works best when it works end to end, everything we offer is built to perform and designed to work together.

  • Raymond Basics is a series of products that are simple to use, maintain and afford. Each model delivers enhanced productivity that makes it the ideal user-friendly, budget-friendly solution for a variety of operations and applications.

  • Raymond E-Learning Safety On The Move is an industry-leading forklift operator training program designed to help you protect your employees and equipment. It can also assist in satisfying the OHSA mandate to train your operators.

Local Solutions. Direct Support.

With a network of more than 100 Solutions and Support Center locations across North America, we are uniquely positioned to give you a more personalized and responsive level of support. Whether it’s assessing your application to determine the number of trucks you may need or providing ongoing service and training, our experts are never far away and always willing to help.