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Raymond Basics

Raymond Basics is a line of high quality, low price equipment designed to enhance productivity in operations of all sizes. From material handling to facility maintenance, these everyday solutions can help you perform a variety of tasks more quickly, easily and securely. In stock and available for quick shipment through our nationwide network of Sales & Service Centers, Raymond Basics can be in your hand - and on your floor - fast. Take your business to the next level with a line of solutions offering a unique combination of reliability, durability and affordability.

  • Hand Pallet Jack
  • Raymond Basics Hand Pallet Jack

    The Altra Lift hand truck is designed to meet your on-the-go pallet handling needs and provide reliable performance for every day use.

    + Fork tip entry rollers ease the transition over the bottom pallet boards

    + Adjustable tubular push rods and self-lubricating bushings help improve efficiency and minimize wear

    + Teardrop handle with 3-way position lever offers comfortable and precise load control for the operator

  • Raymond Basics Electric Pallet Jack

    Simple to use, maintain, and afford, the LRW35 makes it easy to experience the enhanced productivity of a motorized pallet truck.

    + Application flexibility with the perfect combination of high capacity and low cost.

    + Economical ongoing operation with low maintenance requirements and expenses.

    + Quick return-on-investment with productivity gains over hand pallet trucks.

  • Raymond Basics Aerial Lifts

    Take advantage of horizontal travel and vertical lift with the versatile SpinGo and Sprint and add a whole new level of efficiency to a wide array of tasks in your facility.

    + Quickly reach desired heights at the touch of a button for enhanced picking times

    + Move freely between locations with a compact design and tight turning radius

    + Secure access helps to prevent unauthorized usage with a required key

  • Safety On The Move Training Graphic demonstrating this is Step 1: Web Based Training.

    Forklift Operator E-Learning

    Safety On The Move

    Raymond's e-learning Safety On The Move Forklift Operator Training offers the first step in getting certified and meeting OSHA requirements.


Forklift Training The Smart Way

Designed to help protect your people, equipment, facilities, and materials, E-Learning Safety On The Move is a training program for lift truck operators that can help you comply with applicable government regulations and OSHA mandates.